2nd Sight on Bandcamp

erstellt am: 07.05.2019 | Kategorie(n): News

Metal Maniacs,

FINALLY we present you our official bandcamp page!

Do you wanna listen to or buy some of the „Samsara“ songs?!?

HERE you go: https://2ndsight.bandcamp.com

New and improved mix & master by Havoc Audio, featuring the golden pipes of Will Shaw – „Unflexablegrace“ (Heir Apparent, Ayreon, DeadRisen Band) on choirs and some mighty guitar magic by David Klosinski (Uli Jon Roth band). Also Benno Hankers of Night Laser contributed to the choirs\m/

We wanna know, what YOU think – so give us some feedback, please:-)

Our debut album is also available of course!

All the best,
2nd Sight