2nd Sight on SoundCloud

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Metal Maniacs,

In addition to our Bandcamp page we are now also on SoundCloud!

Find us here: https://soundcloud.com/2nd_sight

Go and listen, write a comment and leave a like, if you want;-)

More news soon, until then stay METAAAAAAAAAAAAL

2nd Sight on Bandcamp

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Metal Maniacs,

FINALLY we present you our official bandcamp page!

Do you wanna listen to or buy some of the „Samsara“ songs?!?

HERE you go: https://2ndsight.bandcamp.com

New and improved mix & master by Havoc Audio, featuring the golden pipes of Will Shaw – „Unflexablegrace“ (Heir Apparent, Ayreon, DeadRisen Band) on choirs and some mighty guitar magic by David Klosinski (Uli Jon Roth band). Also Benno Hankers of Night Laser contributed to the choirs\m/

We wanna know, what YOU think – so give us some feedback, please:-)

Our debut album is also available of course!

All the best,
2nd Sight

!!!2nd Sight line-up change!!!

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Metal Maniacs,

We are more than happy to finally unleash today our new line-up!!!

After a seemingly endless search for a new guitar player to complete the ranks, fate was gracious in the end:

By the end of last year we had found not only one but two amazing new guys – and instead of deciding for only one of them we thought that the time was right for an upgrade;)

So here we are now in 2019, it`s 2nd Sight 2.0!!!
First time ever with three guitars for ULTIMATE GUITAR MAYHEM!!!!! (Imagine here an unholy “Muhahahahahaaaargh”^^)

The future looks bright: the next gig is already in sight with more to be announced in the coming weeks, the application phase for “Samsara” starts within days and…we are already working on tons of exciting new music!!!

But for now, please enjoy the nice little video (click here) we have prepared for you and let us know what you think\m/

2nd Sight

Updates 2018

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Dear fellow metal heads,

long time no updates here on this site as we mainly communicated on facebook. Sorry for that, we promise to do better;-)

So what`s up at our camp? We have been to the sold-out TRVEHEIM Festival in late August and it was a blast. Fantastic crew, fans, bands and atmosphere. A great place to play your metal!!!

Finally we have a new mix done of „Samsara“ and soon we start contacting lables in hope to get the album officially released in the not too distant future\m/

And in the last couple of months we have already been busy with the songwriting for the next album and so far, it sounds really promising, at least to us^^

Happy weekend to everybody and always stay METAAAAAAAAAAAALLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Ladies and Gentlemen…

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We are really excited to reveal to you today the next of our announced surprises – and this is a BIG one:

On last year`s edition of the amazing KEEP IT TRUE Festival we were blown away by the performance of the new lead vocalist of the legendary Heir Apparent!!!

Now we are more than proud to have the mighty Will Shaw – „Unflexablegrace“ as a guest on our new album!!! Will delivered choirs and really blew us away with his golden metal pipes\m/

What an honor to have him on board!!!

Will is currently working on the new Heir Apparent record and also delivered vocals to the fantastic new Ayreon album The Source.

Stay tuned, there`s more to come\m/

Vital Signs

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Dear friends and metal maniacs,

Again much too long no vital signs from our side – so what`s going on in the mighty realms of 2nd Sight?

We have been very busy on various things regarding the band and rest assured, there are many great things on the horizon!!!

But for now, here`s a brief update:

We are still looking for a new guitar player to complete our ranks but hopefully soon this search will come to an end \m/
If anyone here`s is interested in shredding his ass off or knows somebody who is, don`t hesitate to contact us;-)

Regarding our new album, we are working hard on some big surprises for you, coming in the next few weeks! So keep your eyes open – it`s definitely worth the wait!!!

Recently Rü has hit the studio and recorded some vocals for something that remains a little secret for the moment;)

What else? Well…most of the songwriting for the next album is already done and we hope to get the rest in shape by the end of the year! Botze really wrote some awesome new shit!!!

So stay tuned, for there is more to come in the very near future…and the future looks bright \m/



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Hallo werte Freunde der Musik,

was gehört neben Patches auf jede anständige Kutte?!?

Richtig – BUTTONS!!!\m/

Folglich haben wir keine Kosten und Mühen gescheut und unser Merch erweitert, um dem modebewußten Metaller feinste Accessoirs zu offerieren;-)

Welches Motiv, mag sich der geneigte Metalhead nun vielleicht fragen…nun:

Nicht ein Motiv…
Nicht zwei Motive…
NEIN, unglaubliche VIER verschiedene Motive sind fortan auf unseren Konzerten erhältlich:)
Wenn das mal nix ist!?!?^^

Also kommt rum zum Merch-Stand bei unserem Gig am 13.04.2017 im Bambi galore mit GLORYFUL und CAGE Official Page – es wird ein Fest!!!!




Mass Photo Shooting^^

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Hi everybody,

We had a nice photo shooting last week because we needed an official picture of the line-up for the labels\m/

More info soon, for now you can see, that we had a lot of fun, while at least our singer tried to be serious^^



NEW GIG: 13.04.2017

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Next gig: 13.04.2017, Hamburg @ Bambi galore

Wir supporten die US Metal-Heroes von CAGE Official Page \m/
Zusammen mit den Senkrechtstartern von GLORYFUL wird das garantiert ein Hammer-Abend voller METAL, black leather and glittering steel

Kommt alle rum und zelebriert mit uns die Metal-Messe\m/

New year – new photos\m/

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Hey Metalheads,

we updated the Media Section with some new and old photos – have a look and enjoy;-)