Rüdiger Beissert – vocals
Stellan Bohlens – guitars
Dennis Meyer – bass
Kolja Lauterbach – drums

Recorded, mixed and mastered 2016 @ Rosenquarz Studio, Lübeck
Remixed & remastered 2018 @ Havoc Audio, Hamburg

Running time approx. 55 Minuten: PLEASE NOTE, THIS IS STILL THE 2016 MIX

  1. Samsara 5:22Samsara
  2. Butterfly Effect 4:06Butterfly Effect
  3. Balancing Act 4:13Balancing Act
  4. Elegy 5:00Elegy
  5. Healing Hands 8:40Healing Hands
  6. Voyager 5:05Voyager
  7. The Giving Pledge 8:30The Giving Pledge
  8. Harnessing God`s Sorrow 14:08Harnessing God`s Sorrow

Guest appearances:

Will Shaw (Heir Apparent, Ayreon):
Backing Vocals in Song 3, 5 and Song 8

Benno Hankers (Nightlaser):
Backing Vocals in Song 4 and Song 8

Felix Klingbiel (Stromgitarreneinsatz):
Backing Vocals in Song 1

Conny Bethke (Chain Reaction, Black Hawk):
Backing Vocals in Song 1

David Klosinski (Uli Jon Roth, former member of 2nd Sight):
Solo in Song 8

Hannes Hüls (Beyond The Pale, 2nd Sight live guitarist):
Leads in Song 2
Solo in Song 4
Solo in Song 5
Solo in Song 8

Tjark Eisfeld ( former member of 2nd Sight):
Solo in Song 2




Rüdiger Beissert – vocals
Stellan Bohlens – guitar
Tjark Eisfeld – guitar
Ingo Merten – bass
Alex Tabisz – drums

Produced, mixed & mastered 2008 @ LSD Tonstudio, Lübeck

Running time approx. 56 Minuten:

  1. Second Sight 4:36Second Sight
  2. Machine Messiah 4:59Machine Messiah
  3. Famous Last Words 5:01Famous Last Words
  4. Everlasting Flame 5:10Everlasting Flame
  5. Soulchaser 4:40 Soulchaser
  6. Vital Signs 6:38Vital Signs
  7. Eyes Wide Shut 4:33Eyes Wide Shut
  8. Bleeding 3:54Bleeding
  9. Saber Rider 2:42Saber Rider
  10. Out of Sight 4:57Out of Sight
  11. In Memoriam 2:15In Memoriam
  12. The Televangelist 6:26The Televangelist