Bahnhof Pauli, HH: with Night Laser and more
Medusa, Kiel: with Elvenpath, Metall and others
10.05.2019 Bambi Galore, HH: with THEM and Kingcrown
24.08.2018 TRVEHEIM Festival Vol. 3: with Satan, Q5, Praying Mantis, etc.
07.04.2018 Glowing Ember Festival HH: with Masterplan, Blackdraft, etc.
08.10.2016 Stromgitarreneinsatz on stage, Lübeck: with Night Laser, ZenZenKlang, Acronis
15.07.2016 Bambi Galore, HH: with Midnight Priest, Boa Konzeptor
20.12.2015 Bambi Galore, HH: with Paul Di´Anno/Architects of Chaoz, Burning Maya
24.10.2015 Maria`s Ballroom, HH: with Black Hawk
30.03.2014 The Rock Cafe, HH: with Antimatter, Leafblade
23.08.2013 Headcrash, HH: with Starflavor
28.07.2013 Rock`n Roll Warehouse, HH: with Vicious Rumors, Black Hawk
01.06.2013 Heavy Veddel Open Air, Hamburg
08.05.2013 Rockcafé, HH: support for Sister Sin
05.04.2013 Ballroom, HH: with 5th Avenue and Jackbox
09.03.2013 Bambi Galore, HH: with The Gate, Seven Seas
30.06.2012 Grünspan, HH: 5 Years Three Monkeys, with Todtgelichter, Liquid God, Retain and Eden Circus
17.03.2012 Knust, HH: with Retain and Seven Seas
23.12.2011 Markthalle, HH: w. Pharao,Black Hawk, Chain Reaction
15.01.2010 Knust, HH: with Holy Purgatory & Dysborn
21.11.2009 Ballroom, HH; with Mob Rules
19.10.2009 Columbia Club, Berlin: with Dragonforce
17.07.2009 Ballroom, HH: with Holy Purgatory
19.12.2008 Ballroom, HH: Releaseparty with DeafCon5 & Friends
23.04.2008 Ballroom, HH: with Jon Oliva`s Pain
19.01.2008 Knust, HH: with Trespassing & Accid Reign
14.12.2007 Rock ’n‘ Roll Warehouse – „Crime city night“
01.12.2007 Ateliergemeinschaft Bleichenstraße
27.07.2007 Ballroom, HH
04.05.2007 Ballroom, HH: with Mercenary
25.01.2007 Knust, HH: with Trespassing & Accid Reign
16.10.2006 Norderstedt
01.07.2006 Logo, HH: with Accid Reign & Cash on Delivery
05.05.2006 Startloch, HH: with Accid Reign
31.03.2006 Ballroom, HH: with Black Hawk & Stone Cold Black
03.02.2006 Knust, HH: with Trespassing, Madric & Zero Illusion
24.11.2005 Logo, HH: with Seismic Tremor
30.09.2005 Burgtor, Lübeck
20.07.2005 Marx/Markthalle, HH
14.05.2005 Ballroom, HH