Updates 2018

erstellt am: 22.09.2018 | Kategorie(n): News

Dear fellow metal heads,

long time no updates here on this site as we mainly communicated on facebook. Sorry for that, we promise to do better;-)

So what`s up at our camp? We have been to the sold-out TRVEHEIM Festival in late August and it was a blast. Fantastic crew, fans, bands and atmosphere. A great place to play your metal!!!

Finally we have a new mix done of „Samsara“ and soon we start contacting lables in hope to get the album officially released in the not too distant future\m/

And in the last couple of months we have already been busy with the songwriting for the next album and so far, it sounds really promising, at least to us^^

Happy weekend to everybody and always stay METAAAAAAAAAAAALLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!