Vital Signs

erstellt am: 25.07.2017 | Kategorie(n): News

Dear friends and metal maniacs,

Again much too long no vital signs from our side – so what`s going on in the mighty realms of 2nd Sight?

We have been very busy on various things regarding the band and rest assured, there are many great things on the horizon!!!

But for now, here`s a brief update:

We are still looking for a new guitar player to complete our ranks but hopefully soon this search will come to an end \m/
If anyone here`s is interested in shredding his ass off or knows somebody who is, don`t hesitate to contact us;-)

Regarding our new album, we are working hard on some big surprises for you, coming in the next few weeks! So keep your eyes open – it`s definitely worth the wait!!!

Recently Rü has hit the studio and recorded some vocals for something that remains a little secret for the moment;)

What else? Well…most of the songwriting for the next album is already done and we hope to get the rest in shape by the end of the year! Botze really wrote some awesome new shit!!!

So stay tuned, for there is more to come in the very near future…and the future looks bright \m/